Wonky Fruits

Did you know that 20%-40% of fruit and vegetables grown are rejected by supermarkets because they don't meet supermarkets' high standards?

In fact, a small quirk in appearance based on shape, size, or colour has no impact on the flavour or nutrition. More and more companies are selling 'ugly' produce and using it in their products. Some supermarkets are also accepting 'misfit' fruit and vegetables, but it is up to the consumers like you and me to choose which ones to buy.

So, why don't we 'lower' our beauty standards and rescue some of the 'ugly' fruits and vegetables to help reduce food waste? That way, you can help slow down global warming by reducing your carbon footprint!

Can you be an advocate of the 'ugly' fruits? Do you think you can help to sell some wonky fruit and vegetables?

Your task:

Make a poster to tell your friends and family the benefits of buy "ugly" fruits and vegetables. You will need to draw some weird-looking fruits/vegetables and write about why we should totally say "yes" to them!

What to submit:

Submit a screenshot/photo of your poster or the document file to place an entry into the competition. Click here for more details.