Life of.... pie?

Your task is to write a short story about the life of a fruit or vegetable, for example, you may explore the life of a banana, an apple, a carrot, or even a tomato.

Think about where your food has come from and what kind of journey it may take to get to your plate. Maybe it’ll turn into a delicious apple pie! But what will happen to the core?

You may follow any story structure you like, as long as you write about your food’s life! Is your story in a straight line from beginning to end, or more of a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey tale?

You could also use this structure to help you get started, some have called it a short story recipe (fitting right!).

  • Hook – an exciting first sentence.

  • Orientation – introduce your character/s and the setting. Who is your food? Where have they come from?

  • Conflict/event - oh no! Something has gone a little wrong for your little fruit or veggie! Or, something happens to kickstart the story's plot, it doesn't always have to be a bad thing.

  • Rising action – the story is getting exciting now! Things are really starting to heat up for your food (or they could be having a grand old time).

  • Climax – the big moment of your story! This is where it is most dramatic! Ahhh!

  • Resolution – this is where you can wrap up your story, maybe dinner is served. Or, are you going to end on a cliff-hanger? Dun, dun, dunnnn!!!!

Your story can be as long or short as you want! You could also add in any pictures or drawings to help your reader imagine life of your food.

Remember, what’s happening to the leftovers?

Download the document below to help you plan your story. Click here if you need some help downloading the document.

Life of... pie?

What to submit:

Submit a screenshot of your story or the document file to place an entry into the competition. Click here for more details.