Design to make a change

1. Observe

Let's go to the kitchen

Pick one or two of the most commonly wasted food items in the kitchen.

Think of a method to use this food item without wasting it.

(Hint: Your parents could help you to find a food item that's frequently wasted in the kitchen)

2. Design

Be creative to make a change

Think of a creative way to inform people about food wastage. Make sure to include:

1. Your chosen food item

2. How to use the food item without wasting any parts

Presentation ideas include a poster, animated video, poem or song. Be as creative as you like!

3. Share

Take a photograph of your finished product and share it to us using #littlefoodfestival or send it through email. See the 'What to submit' section below and our Competition page for more details.

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To complete this activity, download the document below and follow the instructions.


Design to make a change.pdf

What to submit:

Upload a photo/video of your finished product or email the digital file to place an entry into the competition. Click here for more details.