What's inside my bin?

Hmmm...but WHY should I look at what's inside my bin?

According to Foodbank Australia, Victorian households throw away 250,000 tonnes of food – enough to fill Melbourne’s Eureka Tower! The sad thing is, 65% of the food that is wasted in Victorian households could have been eaten.

YOU can be an anti-food waste hero, starting from the place of your own home. Your action may seem small, but trust us when we say it can change the world!

Your action can start with finding the most commonly wasted foods in your own house. In doing this, you will be able to come up with ways to reduce the number times they will go into the bins! Click this banner to see our top 10 recipients for the 'most commonly wasted products' award 🏆

The most commonly wasted food titles go to: bread, mince, chicken, cheese, rice, bagged salad, eggs, herbs, carrots, tomatoes.

What's inside my bins?

To take part in this activity, follow the following instruction:

  1. Download the document above. If you need help with this step, click here.

  2. Once the file is saved to your computer, you can open it and start editing.

  3. Recall and observe foods that get thrown out the most in your house. Aim to find at least 3.

  4. Put down its name and pictures in the table in your document.

  5. Find your guardian at any stages if you need help.

  6. Don't forget to share your finished work via our Competition Page! See the 'What to submit' section below for more info.

What to submit:

Submit a screenshot of your document or the document file to place an entry into the competition. Click here for more details.