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Have a look at the list of activities below and choose some boxes to start your adventure. Try to collect as many points as you can! The activities are worth different amounts of points so try out a variety of coloured boxes.

Once you have completed some activities, jump onto our Competition Page to see how to submit your works to win a prize!

What’s inside my bin?

Identify the most wasted foods in YOUR household


Watch videos and draw one of the things you learnt, or something you know your household wastes

Colour Me Crazy

Print out this colour-in document of the 10 most wasted foods in Australian households, and learn more along the way

Protect the Produce!

Take a before photo of some commonly wasted fruits in Australia households, then take an after photo of it in a preserved form (eg. in a jam)

Science saves it!

Take a photo of your attempt at preserving a food and explain the science of what makes it last longer

Design to make a change

Create a resource to encourage other people to not waste food

Life Extender

Identify ways to extend the life of some commonly wasted foods

5 ways to be re-USEFUL

Write five different ways to reuse one specific leftover from your household waste

Recipe to the rescue

Write or adapt a recipe that makes use of a food that often gets wasted in your household

Life of.... pie?

Write a short story about the life of a fruit or vegetable


Design a machine or invention that preserves one of the 10 most commonly wasted foods

Wonky Fruits

Create a poster to show other people that it’s good to buy/eat ‘ugly’ fruit