5 ways to be


Your task is to think of and write five (5) different ways to reuse one specific leftover from household food waste, for example bananas or bread (ooh banana bread… yum).

For example, five ways to reuse lemons might include:

  1. Make homemade lemonade with the juice; how could you not?

  2. Use the zest in some muffins; who doesn’t love lemon muffins?

  3. Dehydrate some slices to create decorations, hang them together and you’ve got a garland!

  4. Clean your microwave with a couple of lemon halves you’ve squeezed – pop them in for 20 seconds, rub around the sides of the microwave and wipe with a wet cloth.

  5. Dehydrate the peels to put into a cup of tea, it’ll give a lovely zingy taste!

There are countless ways to reuse and repurpose leftovers to be useful, rather than just throwing them away. Next time you’ve got some leftovers, think about how else you could use them.

Download the document below to fill in your ideas! Click here if you need some help downloading the document.

5 Ways to be Re-USEFUL

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